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We are working towards a stronger community that strives to be curious, vibrant, and more connected through lifelong learning and community involvement.

We are committed to enhancing and impacting the quality of people’s lives through affordable seminars, workshops and activities. Primarily offered in the evenings, these one-to-three hour classes provide adults with nuts-and bolts advice and strategies on career development, business, relationships, health, personal growth and finance, computers, arts, crafts, languages, music, sports, etc. 

Community education offers classes throughout the year on finance, career, health, art and more. 


Adult Classes

Adult classes are back for another season with a full slate of offerings from art, fitness, aquatics, yoga, and lifelong learning. We partner with local community members to bring you a variety of experiences. 


Forever Young Club 

Forever Young Club is a club for older, active adults who want to stay connected with others in our community. The members of this group will do things together - go on day trips, learn new skills and activities, and participate in anything the group deems worthy. It's only a small fee per year to be part of this fun and outgoing group!

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Christine Melbostad
Program Coordinator

Betsy Sandgren
Forever Young Program Coordinator